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The Keynote Store

Keynote for iOS

All of our current themes will work on your iPad or iPhone. Simply create a presentation on your Mac. Then save it to iCloud. The presentation along with the theme will be available in Keynote on your iOS devices.

Secure Checkout

Our entire site is secured using encryption with a digital certificate to keep your information private as it's sent to or from including every step of the payment process.

Theme Downloads

Once you make payment you will be directed to a page where you can download your purchase and print a receipt. You will also be sent an email with a link to the download page. You have 24 hours from the point of payment in which to download your purchase.

Sample Presentations

The presentations shown on the individual theme pages are only samples of what can be achieved using Keynote and our custom themes. They are not included with any purchase. We are unable to provide them to any customers because many of the images are not licensed for resale.

Buy any three themes and receive a 10% discount.

About The Keynote Store

At The Keynote Store we produce creative themes for Apple's Keynote presentation software. Our themes are elegant and understated, simple but not simplistic. All of our themes feature at least thirty photo slides providing the user with multiple layouts through which he can effectively compliment his presentation. Media placeholders, charts, tables and shape styles are custom designed with the look and feel of each theme in mind.

Additional versatility is provided through slides of unique extras which anyone can download for free. The freebies include all the necessary media placeholders and design elements so users can use our themes to layout their own master slides in Keynote.